2nd Week Great Changes!

Hey MD!

I have been interested in the MDing of psychedelics after hearing about it last year. At first i only thought people MD’d LSD, but I heard about the shrooms!

A few years ago i did LSD , i think i had the equivalent to 4 Tabs. I had tripped out for 22 hours, and not ONE bit of it was negative. It was a mind blasting, self learning journey. For the next year and a half i felt much different, much more positive, much more loving, much more understanding. Wanting to understand things, wanting to connect the dots of things I knew that could be.

I knew i needed to get in shape, and i read that MD’ing before going to the gym can help you out, and one thing i know i needed, is that i need to get in shape!

So this is my 2nd week on the MD’ing of Lions mane stacked with Golden Teacher, and today i have reached 1 hour of cardio!! Never in my life have i ever thought that ME , could do , 1 HOUR of cardio!!

I want to thank these magical fruits for giving me the small bit of focus I needed to reach this point. This is only the beginning. I know i have a long journey to go still.

One biggest change that has occurred, is my love for cigarettes has gone out the window. I used to suck back those things and feel LOVE towards what I was doing. The inhale, the bite inside, the stimulation… But now…when i light up a cigarette, i feel utter disgust and grossness. its so different..

another thing i am feeling is that, my body is getting used to the dose. 1 hour in beforehand, i would feel body heat, lots of body heat coming on to me, and then bliss. Now its a lot less body heat, and maybe 1.5-2 hours in i start feeling bliss. I did opt for the weakest of the MD pills that i found, so i will probably be amping it up after this month supply is over.

I heard LSD has longer lasting effects with MD vs Psilo. What do you guys think would be a good strategy? Month Golden Teacher, Month LSD back and forth?

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