5 favorite non-psychedelic substances for microdosing!

When you think of microdosing, the first two things that come to mind are usually LSD and Shrooms, the two most-used psychedelics for microdosing. Alternatively, many substances used for microdosing are Nootropics, or brain-enhancing drugs and food. For those who want the positive effects of MDing (increased focus, more energy, better relationship skills, etc) without using psychedelics, here are 5 substances that are commonly microdosed with positive effect.

  1. Modafinil
    Modafinil is commonly considered to be “the world’s first safe ‘smart drug’”. It is used as a stimulant, to clear your mind, unlock productivity, keep you focused, and even help cure depression. With a prescribed dose generally being between 100-400mg, microdoses can be larger than average, up to 50mg. One user found 25mg every other day was the perfect amount for positive effects, with no side effects. Though, upping his dose caused difficulty sleeping.
  2. Caffeine
    Overwhelming, caffeine seems to be the most microdosed non-psychedelic substance, though most who microdose caffeine aren’t usually aware that they are MDing. One study found that users who took. 0.3mg caffeine pills several times a day performed better on cognitive tests and slept fewer times during the day. Users themselves have said their energy tends to last longer throughout the day, with no crashing, if they sip caffeinated drinks over long periods, rather than drinking one or two cups in the morning.
  3. Xanax
    Xanax, when taken microdosed once or twice a day at 0.125mg has proven, with scientific study, to produce “small improvements in cognitive functions”. Anecdotally, users have found that using 0.125mg daily has helped them overcome depression and anxiety with none of the side effects caused at prescribed levels, such as memory problems or drowsiness. So science and microdosers themselves agree Xanax is a safe route for boosting brain power and boosting emotions.
  4. Prozac
    For those looking for relief from depression, panic disorder, or anxiety, science has said that low, regular doses of Prozac (Fluoxetine) can help calm your nerves and your depression. Users have also said their activity levels increased and decision-making is much easier. The therapeutic dose is 20-80mg but both scientists and users have found that between 5-12mg provides more benefits, with less side effects.
  5. Cocaine
    Results are mixed on microdosing cocaine. Some claim the results wear off so quickly you need another hit within 20 minutes, and you become easily addicted. Some take between 3-20mg in the morning and feel great the rest of the day. They experience great focus, more alertness, and uplifted moods. Many others commented that microdosing cocaine has been around for centuries by South Americans, who regularly chew large amounts of coca leaves, which results in small amounts of cocaine, daily. General consensus is that, if you easily get addicted, avoid cocaine. If you have great self control, MDing cocaine may be the way to go.

And there you have it, the five best non-psychedelic substances for microdosing. With most of these substances you’ll still get most of the same effects as microdosing psychedelics, but with some (arguably) safer options.


Updated: February 10, 2019 — 11:46 am

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