Benefits of microdosing psychedelics!

Benefits Of Microdosing Psychedelics

Before we talk about the benefits, risks and different aspects of microdosing, we first need to understand what actually this is. Microdosing is a process or practice of taking small amount of psychedelic drugs in order to achieve certain positive results and effects.

The idea of microdosing (for example: microdosing LSD) is derived from the pharmaceutical industry. The idea is to use or consume the minimum amount of drugs or medicines in order to get required results without any negative effects. A microdose is actually the one tenth or half of the normal dose. The most common microdose include microdosing mushrooms and microdosing LSD.

Benefits of Microdosing Psychedelic

When it comes to the benefits of microdosing mushroom or microdosing LSD, there are no particular studies or research that show the data regarding its calculated benefits. However, a lot of other reports are available that have highlighted the proposed benefits and we will include most important of these.

  1. Anxiety

If you are suffering from anxiety, whether it is academic, general or social, the microdosing will help you get rid of it. In start you will feel a slight reduction in anxiety and the regular use will be even more effective in this regard.

  1. Athletic Performance

The reports available on the benefits of microdosing show these are also helpful for athletic performance. In case you want to boost your energy or stamina, the microdose will of great help.

  1. Creativity

Here comes another amazing benefit of microdosing and that is they help people improve their creativity. In other words, they are helpful for cognitive enhancement and make you a more creative person.

  1. Depression

Just like anxiety, the reports have also listed the benefits of microdosing mushrooms for depression. This is a serious issue for millions of people but the microdose have saved a lot of people by helping them against depression.

  1. Empathy and Healthy Choices

This might be interesting to find out that microdosing LSD is helpful if you want to be a more empathic person and feel for others. This makes you show great care and consideration for other people around you. Moreover, a person also become pickier in his health and prefers healthy activities, foods, exercise and diets.

  1. Learning and Job Performance

As stated earlier, these drugs are good to enhance creativity and improve productivity. If you are someone who is a regular leaner and wants to be more attentive to the details, these will help you become a better learner. This include computer knowledge, programming, languages, complex situations or puzzles. Similarly, a person with microdosing also notices a great improvement in job and what they do. Even, you become a more satisfied person who enjoys his job.

  1. Mood Elevation and Problem Solving

When the creativity is increased and productivity improves, a person become more talented or sharp in solving problems around. Whether it be any kind of problem, you will feel you have become more responsive towards issues. Furthermore, there is also a noticeable change in the mood and it keeps improving with passage of time.




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