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microdosing shrooms and thc/cbd alternatively during the week so you don’t override each brain pathway

Hey guys this is a great community..I’ve been microdosing shrooms for a while, although I have a tendency for increasing doses or microdoisng very often, every other day or everyday even…

You know the Fadiman’s protocol for microdosing every three days, I think thats related to avoiding dependence+tolerance, some other toxicity issues like said by Dr Beck or the downregulation of the serotonin receptors which would be in common with the SSRIs, and I think you do feel ‘burned’ after microdosing too often in my experience, even with adecuate sleep and nutrition…

At the same time the experience is amazing, every moment every day is so valuable and you seem to perform better intelectually and physically, so what about if you could microdose more often if you alternate between shrooms or some serotonergic psychedellyc and thc/cbd since they seem to act on differente brain pathways and neurotransmitter so you don’t override one system since you are switching between them??

You think that makes sense or you’ve ever experienced with that?

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microdosing magic truffle?


I’ve got a sealed pouch of 15g of magic truffle. It’s been in the fridge for 2~3 weeks now. I want to microdose.

Do you confirm that the following is correct:

  • take everything out of the pouch, put it in a bowl to dry overnight over my internet router
  • I should expect to go from the initial 15g to about ~5g
  • should I crush everything?
  • I’ll microdose about .5g every time


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Microdosing or mega dosing, I’m at a crossroads and need advice.

Hi guys I’m writing because I’ve ordered 5g of mushrooms and I’m not quite sure if I wanna go with my original plan of just eating all of them. I’ve been reading more and more about microdosing and the more I read the more it seems like what I need.

I do creative work from home for a living but a few months ago I got out of a several years long relationship. I haven’t been able to do my job properly at all, I can’t seem to have focus or creative drive, and my happiness is directly linked to me being creative and productive.

I decided my mind needed a hard reset but after reflecting over it a lot I realize that dissolving my entire ego in this vulnerable state might not be a very smart choice. Microdosing on the other hand seems to provide all the benefits I’m looking for without the immediate risk of a psychotic break or a terrifyingly confusing and painful experience.

I’ve once microdosed LSD but only did it a few times and that was very positive. Do you think microdosing could possibly help me with building an efficient creative productive routine? I already eat well and exercise a lot.

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Can microcdosing cause cold sores ?

It’s been a good year since I microdoesed Yesterday was the day and then soon after in about 20 mins since taking my micro dose A tingling sensation happened on the corner of my lip .

I didn’t think much of it because I was looking forward to not being depressed because of the micro dose but then halfway through the day this cold sore got worst and I’ve never had one this big before in my life . Towards the end of the night it became pretty evident that a cold sore formed and it kinda ruined my md experience 🙁

Does anyone here micro dose and notice it caused a cold core breakout ? Was it the Micro dose that caused it or woken it up

Or have I simply just gotten a cold Recently and it coincidentally flared up during my md session

Either way this cold sore sucks . I feel embarrassed about it and can’t believe I have one .

I am in a relationship as well and don’t want to spread it

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Emotional processing/trippy dreams

After two microdoses which didn’t really make me feel great, I have had a few trippy dreams. Just now I woke up from one where I had felt like I was going to have this magical “brain defragging” experience that people say they have on psychedelics. In the dream I was counselling myself not to be afraid and to keep going/surrender so that I can get better but unfortunately, I got scared and ended up waking up. These dreams make me feel much better than the actual microdose and when I wake up I feel somehow in touch with my emotions.

I’m currently recovering from complex ptsd and a lifetime of being emotionally mind screwed by my family.

Anyone else have a similar experience?

Thanks in advance!

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