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Everyday shit.

I’ve basically been microdosing everyday for about 1.5 weeks. I absolutely loooove how I feel. My mood significantly improves and I no longer feel depressed. I haven’t taken any today but I really want to. :(. I don’t feel anything today. No anxiety, maybe some mild depression but nothing I can’t handle. My last dose was yesterday around 7am and came down around 1pm. I know there are a lot of people who don’t recommend dosing everyday due to tolerance but since I’m not really tryna trip I don’t really see the issue. I mean there’s people who are taking adderall every single day and the crash from that is hell. I can’t imagine. After shrooms I just feel good. Like nothing was ever as bad as it seemed. I know ima ultimately end up doing what I want but just seeking some more insight. Sorry if his post came off as arrogant. I don’t mean to be. I just really enjoy microdosing. I plan to stop microdosing at the end of May. So it probably won’t be EVERY SINGLE DAY but maybe like a Tuesday and Wednesday then Saturday Sunday type shit. Thanks in advance!

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MD Shrooms, what time should I take it?


I’ll be “microdosing” 0,5g of P. cubensis (I’m well aware 0.5g is outside the “micro” and more into the “mini” area).

Work starts at 8am, I’m done by 6pm, 5 times a week. Anxiety and depression kick my ass every weekday in the morning, to the point I want to kneel and cry.

At what time should I pop the capsules? Before work or when I get home?


Edit: I’ve taken recreational doses twice before. 2,5g each time, but taking 1,5g first and the remaining 1g an hour (or two) later.

Felt amazing, more confident and full of energy. The first time around (shorter gap between the doses), everything felt amazing and perfect, with very slight visual alterations. The second time (two hour gap), I felt amazing, confident and recharged, but nothing visual (outside of brighter colors). They were one week-ish apart.

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Ground Psilocybin

I am now taking my second shot at microdosing and I decided to put some mushrooms in a coffee grinder to make it more consistent. Does this somehow mean I have to use less? My dose is 0.16 gm. I thought this would be unnoticeable but I definitely feel something. Sort of a body heaviness with a bit of the upset stomach I get when I take a big dose. It just feels like I’m waiting for the trip to start sort of. I notice more of my body in away. Especially my abdominal area. Is that the feel? Should I go with a lower dose?

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Day 1 & 2 LSD MD Report

Info before reading: I’m a 20 year old male. Unemployed but currently searching. I’m currently on the Keto diet. Only eating two meals a day averaging 1100 calories.

Dosage Schedule: 300ug lsd/60ml = 1ml/5ug 10ug every Monday and Friday.

TLDR at the bottom.


Day 1: Ingested 2ml of 1ml/5ug of lsd via distilled water. For some reason, I felt like it hit me instantly. It must have been the weed concentrate I vaped beforehand.

I went to a job interview about an hour after ingesting. I was very calm and all my racing thoughts were neutralized. It went great, I’m just waiting for some more checks on their end and then they’ll give me a call.

While I waiting at a crosswalk stop, some old lady sparked a conversation with me. She mentioned that I was wonderful to talk to and to watch out for the sun! Lol this really meant a lot to me because I’m very anti social and it doesn’t help that I’m a tall fellow-so people tend to look at me when I walk into a room.

I eventually went home, played some league and ate my dinner. I had an amazing day.


Day 2: Something unusual has been happening today. I noticed I have been getting mad at very little things today. I really don’t know where the anger is coming from but I’m set to find out where. Hopefully things subside.

I didn’t have much to do today but return emails and calls from potential employers. I arranged another interview for tomorrow morning. I’m sort of nervous because it’s in an industry I never worked in. Although, if I can get my foot in the door, I’ll be set for a while.

I had thoughts of switching from my planned dosage every Monday and Friday to every M-W-F . I decided to stick to my original schedule for now.

TLDR: Day 1: 10ug dose via distilled water. I felt good and calm. Aced a job interview. Stranger complemented me.

Day 2: no dosage. I was irritable most of the day, but I’m determined to find the source. Sticking to a M & F dose schedule.

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