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Anyone using small doses for mood enhancement?

So far ever since tripping hard(once) my life has gone better, I have not felt depressed ever since but well anxiety is still there. I had a small stash of mushrooms last year and I kept taking small doses once I felt like down or unmotivated, the dose ranges from 0.3 to 1g, I am usually able to feel it on the body, mostly feel like a relaxed back, somewhat cold body temp and get kind of sleepy for maybe half an hour and then I go on to have an almost normal day and usually have pretty good days.

I have done it at least 15 times, and it always seem to work. Wondering if anyone else has tried it? What do you do it like, also I don’t trip hard because I don’t feel enough comfortable to do it again yet

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I used deionised water and it tastes really weird. Anyone else?

I ran out of distilled water so I bought some deionised water (for irons) at my local supermarket instead. I just assumed it would be tasteless like distilled water but I was unpleasantly surprised this morning when it tasted like it had been adulterated with dish soap.

I can confirm that the DI water from the bottle also smelles soapy and I’m 99.9% I haven’t contaminated the container. I guess it’s not a problem as long as there is no actual soap nor chlorine in the water? I tried googling for what DI water should taste like but I couldn’t really find a good source.

Has anyone here had a similar experience?

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Is it weird to microdose at work functions or just a daily regimen?

I understand people have different reasons for microdosing, where I live psilocybin has been decriminalized so its no longer a bad thing. I alternate between psilocybin and LSD microdoses for various reasons. Psilocybin helps me deal with chronic pain along with kratom, and makes it much less noticable. It also improves my mood and outlook, and gives me a bit more enthusiasm.

I’m just concerned that if other people dont use it or need it, is it strange or unusual to need it? One way to view it could be a lifestyle choice, such as meditating or eating vegan food. Macro doses are of course way more euphoric – but they have their separate use cases. What I’m trying to say is can you go through you day-to-day commuting, working, paying bills, socializing or can it distract you in someway? Can it create a sense of apathy or perhaps not reacting to things in an appropriate way. Like you neglect important duties while maybe under the influence of a dose. I find that some things bother me less, but it gives an empathetic effect and sometimes people are not receptive. Case in point, you are at a bar or some social function, is microdosing helpful in this regard. Sometimes its like being on planet Mars where everyone is drinking and you’re tripping – for the most part you act normal but you sort of have a mild headspace. There are probably situations where its not wise to do it, there’s a lot of BS to deal with life and it can make it more tolerable. One positive is I find myself less self-conscious and able to deal with rejection better and be more at ease. But without it wondering if I would react differently – I mean if everyone was microdosing then people would sync and there would be some kumbaya moment – but unfortunately everyone acts on a different plane. Am I expecting too much with MDing – how do you get the most out of it, obviously you have to put in the work and make changes.. by itself it wont do it all for you

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Redosing psilocybin? (for study)

I took one microdose this morning (do not know exact amount, one small dried psilocybe subaeruginosa) at around 9:30 am. It is now 4:30pm, feeling a little faded. I have an exam tomorrow morning and plan to study comprehensively tonight.

How wise is it to take another microdose?

I don’t want to run the risk of busting out giggling at my psychology textbook (like i did another time when i took a little over a microdose).

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Anyone else better at tolerating heat/cold after starting microdosing?

No idea if this is related to microdosing or if I just happen to have changed this year, but I figure it won’t hurt to ask around here. In past years, I had the AC on by the end of May/early June. 18-20c had me going nuts and the sun shines straight into my room where I work, all day long. These past weeks it’s been reaching 23-25c and I’m just “meh… my body is fine”, still no AC on or even thinking of putting it on. What really peeked my curiosity is that everyone around me has been complaining about the heat and how hot it is, meanwhile I literally don’t even notice or care at all. It seems like the roles have reversed, because I was always the first in the house to complain about the heat.

To be fair all the climate change craze these past months have gotten me to start using my body more and rely less on “useless technology” whenever I can, so maybe that’s just it and microdosing is unrelated. Still, I’m curious to hear if anyone else feels like their brain has rewired when it comes to temperatures. Also very curious to see next winter if I end up tolerating cold temperatures better, I’ve always shivered like crazy for no reason.

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Can I get away with microdosing for 3 days in a row?

I’m studying for exams and I’m pretty desperate to do whatever I can to be as focused as possible. I microdosed with 20ng of LSD yesterday in order to help me stay focused. I’m hoping to do the same today and tomorrow but don’t know if it would even work because of my tolerance. If if it would work then I’d probably take a 1-2 week break after the 3rd day to regain my tolerance. Anybody think it’s worth it?

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