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Couple questions on how to prepare LSD for volumetric dosing

Firstly, I’ve got 14 tabs of 1cp-lsd. I was going to use 5 tabs in 50ml solution.

I can get distilled water, and I was thinking of mixing it with 99% isopropyl alcohol to make sure it stays sterile. Would that do? I was thinking a 9:1 ratio of alcohol to water.

Also, if I use the alcohol solution, will it be fine to leave the tabs in, or should I take them out after a few days have passed?

Finally, I’m using an Amber bottle, I was going to keep in a metal box in my bedroom, the same place I keep my tabs. How long would it last? By my calculations, if I dose 10ug every 3 days, it’ll last 5 months before I run out.


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First dose today! but not sure if it’s affecting me?

Hi, did my first LSD microdose today, 2.5 hours ago 10-15ug, 1 ml of water. I’m mentally well and don’t suffer from anything – I’m doing it to enhance creativity and well-being. However, I’m not feeling much from the dose now. Obviously, it’s per definition sub perceptual but I’m also not noticing enhanced communication skills or increased empathy, creativity etc. Should I just give it more time?

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