First microdose turned in to an uncomfortable and emotional trip

I’m a 125lb woman and dosed 100mg of P. Subaeruginosa this morning. This was my first time microdosing. I know subs are strong & I tripped from the same batch about a month ago with approx 300mg. It wasn’t a huge trip but still felt strong with visuals and some profound insights. It was enjoyable.

This morning I decided to start microdosing. I have been feeling seasonal depression coming on and have been wanting to md for a few years so thought it would be a good time. I felt a little wary about 100mg due to the strength of my most recent trip and anticipated that I might feel it a bit, which I did. I got in the shower about 30 minutes after dosing and started having confused and disjointed thoughts, some of which made me laugh just while showering. I had some interesting and positive insights. When I got out of the shower the walls were breathing a bit. I laid down for a while and definitely felt like I was tripping. I began to feel some really dark vibes.. it felt like I had opened up to depression stagnant inside of me and I could also feel my partner’s energy, who was beside me. He has also been feeling a bit depressed and it felt very permeable to me.

I tried to chill out on my own for a while, and I turned on my computer. My wallpaper is a photo of me and my grandmother who passed away about 11 months ago. I immediately started sobbing and didn’t really stop for the next hour or so. I just felt really dark, hopeless and alone. A lot of suppressed shit and negative feelings about the world came up.

Eventually I came down and am feeling back to baseline now, but a little tired. It wasn’t a negative experience, there was a lesson in it like in all trips, but I am worried about microdosing again tomorrow because it will be Monday and I’ll be going back to work. I definitely want to keep MDing but not sure about the dose now.

Should I cut it in half or even less? Obviously tripping or becoming super emotional at work would not be great lol

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