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How much should I microdose?

Nobody can say exactly where the sweet spot lies for you. You will need to tweak the dosage a little to find out what works best. It is always recommended to start small and build up from there. Taking too large a “micro”dose is an uncomfortable experience so keep in mind bigger ain’t always better, honey.

People often say the goal is to take an amount you can’t feel. This can be a little bit confusing because surely you must feel something otherwise why would anyone bother, right? …Kinda. Maybe you’ve found yourself drawn in to the particularly mesmerising glean on a raindrop for just a tad too long? Maybe your body is feeling more tingly and, damn, doesn’t it feel nice just stroking that part of your elbow? Creeping sense of anxiety that you can’t quite place, but also struggle to shake off? If you are feeling any changes that remind you even vaguely of tripping/being high, you’ve taken too much.

You should mostly just notice the effects of your microdose when you look back over the course of the day. Perhaps you felt more energetic, creative or emotionally attuned? Microdosing should just help shift you into the territory of “me, but on a good great day”.


Between 1 and 20μg is generally recommended by the community. Start out low (~5μg) and go from there. Personally, I would find 20μg far too high and have settled on 5μg as my good place.


Between 0.15 – 0.4g dried Psilocybe Cubensis.

Other substances:

See the wiki

How do I measure out my microdose?


You want to make a solution that contains 1μg in each 1ml as this allows for more accurate measurement. The easiest way to do this is to put your tab in a container of water with as many ml as μg and leave it for 24hrs for the LSD to disperse (the paper of the tab itself does not disappear). So 100μg tab? use 100ml liquid; 150μg tab in 150ml solution etc.

If the potency of your LSD is affected, it is very hard to know how much you have taken so it’s advisable to take a few steps to ensure quality is maintained. To protect from light, store it in a brown glass bottle, or wrapped up and away from sunlight. Don’t use tap water because the chlorine in it is damaging, use distilled/de-ionised water instead. You might want to add some alcohol like vodka to limit bacterial growth – 10% should be enough. So with the 100μg tab you want 100ml liquid overall, that’s 75ml water and 25ml vodka.

It’s best if you can figure out the maths yourself (number of ug/total mls in solution), but if you’re struggling then try the volumetric dose calculator.


Psilocybin is not distributed evenly across the mushroom. To ensure consistency, grind up the dried mushroom with a coffee grinder or similar. Using an accurate digital scale, measure out the powdered mushrooms into gel capsules.

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