Host Defense ‘brown rice’ criticism – can it ever be put to rest?

I have been reading away and I keep coming back to these comments about how Stamet’s product are awful because of the way they are produced. Usually a ‘I’m not paying for brown rice, ,what a rip off’ kind of statement is in there.

But, this makes zero sense to me. Any kind of medicine, supplement, drug, whatever is ingested to get the benefits of its active ingredient but it’s a very simplistic thing to think that it should always be 100% of that active ingredient. There are good reasons that some supplements have fillers, binders, preservatives, or delivery mechanisms.

I have never heard anyone say, ‘What a ripoff, I’m not paying for all this blotter paper, I deserve pure LSD!”


“I ordered these supplements but there is no way I’m paying for all these gelatin capsules – rip off!”

What matters is that the active ingredient is delivered in the desired way, and can be stored and transported in the manner desired. For me, I am taking a capsule of Lion’s Mane to get the effect of the Lion’s Mane and if that is best achieved by taking the mycelium which hasn’t been separated from the brown rice growing medium, I don’t care that much unless there is a specific disadvantage to this. Eating a tiny bit of brown rice doesn’t bother me it sees inconsequential, and if there is no benefit to separating them why bother?

I have seen what appears to be scientific information about about how some extraction techniques may be better than others, but what evidence exists that Stamet’s preparation is so inferior?

I don’t really accept this premise that it’s a terrible product because it has brown rice in it.

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