Microdosing and ADHD

I have been microdosing for the past 4 months, I’ve done cycles of mushrooms and 1p_lsd. I had been taking ADHD med vyvanse for the previous year, diagnosed 10 years ago.

Half way through the first cycle of 1p_ it just seemed right to quit the meds and I never looked back.

I am posting this because I was just on r/adhd, great sub , great people. But it seems alien to me now.

The short version is that microdosing has definately helped me overcome ADHD, I highly recommend it.

The longer version is that it helped me from two different perspectives. – it has definitely helped with my.specific issues, more social, not overstimulated by social situations and very stimulating environments like Walmart ( I would tire easily and would want to.go home) my focus is better, I could stay on task.

But I cant say its %100 gone, I still have some degree of symptoms but my attitude towards it is relaxed,.it feels like I think differently about it, my thinking is clearer.

I also know my thinking is different because my partner is asking me judgement questions, “do you think xxx was passive aggressive today” I listen to her and in the past I would have bought into it,.now my thinking feels different, more straight forward, but not emotionless,.in fact Microdosing seemed.to.unjam and open up my emotions.

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