Microdosing MDMA – Crystal

Though microdosing has been around for years, it has recently become more popular and a major subject of discussion on online forums. That being said, there doesn’t seem to be much scientific research about the benefits and health risks related to microdosing MDMA, either crystals/powder or pills. Much of the information about microdosing MDMA comes directly from those who have experienced it for themselves.

How to Microdose MDMA
For those interested in microdosing MDMA themselves, there are some things to consider and steps to take to make sure you’re getting the full experience that you want.

  1. Consider what type of MDMA you want to microdose – MDMA usually comes in two forms: crystals that can be ground into powder (Molly) or pills (Ecstasy). Molly, or “Crystal”, is generally accepted to be the safer route because it’s thought to be a more pure form of MDMA, without added chemicals and other drugs. It can also be taken in different ways, including: ingestion of the crystals or powder, snorting, or mixing it with liquid. As for Ecstasy, it can also be ingested, or, after grinding the pill into powder, it can be smoked, snorted, or shot up.
  2. How Much MDMA is right for you – Opinions on how much should be taken vary. Between the many people who reported microdosing MDMA themselves, anywhere between 5mg and 35mg was suitable. Everyone is different and how much you take depends on your tolerance level. If you’re a newbie, try starting at 5mg. If you’re an expert you may need to raise the milligrams until you hit the right spot.
  3. How often you should microdose – Again, the opinions on this varied. Some users took it once or twice a week, total. Some microdosed once every day, for a week. Others used every 2-4 hours every day for a week. Everyone does agree on one thing; after microdosing for a week, you need to take a month or longer break for your serotonin levels to replenish (more about that, below). No one agrees that microdosing MDMA for long periods of time is a smart, or feasible, thing to do.

Why You Should or Shouldn’t Use MDMA

  1. What You Gain From Microdosing MDMA
    ● There have been multiple scientific studies that used small doses of MDMA for therapeutic use. Studies have shown that small doses of pure MDMA can help with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and anxiety.
    ● People also seem to have gained multiple benefits such as: focusing or studying better, staying awake longer, increased energy, being more emotionally open, and not experiencing negative emotions.
  2. Potential Side Effects
    ● The main concern recorded by both users and scientific studies is the change to your serotonin levels. While using MDMA your serotonin levels are boosted. After expending so much serotonin, it can take your body months to get back up to normal levels. If your serotonin is low, you can feel symptoms such as: depression, anxiety, insomnia, low self-esteem, low sex-drive, etc.
    ● Users have recorded having long hangovers after coming down. In the most extreme situation, the user who microdosed every 2-4 hours, said the hangover lasted weeks during which time they didn’t get out of bed, missed weeks of University classes, turned their phone off, and didn’t want to see any other people. Others said they just didn’t feel “normal”.

The overwhelming consensus is that, though microdosing MDMA feels good at the time, it’s not worth the comedown and the dropped serotonin levels. If you do want to microdose MDMA, do it safely.

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