My friend´s first reflection on microdosing – he has new smell now

TLDR: weird feeling in the mouth, every emotion stronger, neurotic, cleaning and reshuffling house, noticed new things around house, exhausting day, happy next day, SMELL CHANGED

I am posting experience of my friend Mark, who doesnt have reddit account:

He took 5ug of acid in the morning after 10+ hours of not eating. After few minutes he had weird feeling in his mouth. Then more energy. Maybe little bit less inhibition, he decided to call few girls and his dad.

He was cooking and cleaning the kitchen, little bit neurotic. Like: “Now it´s the time to do things the right way.”

He ate meal and then he started to be super-tired. He is caffeine addict and he through that on acid he will be able to cut caffeine, but no. He drunk the tea, he was just laying, almost falling asleep, having a bath…

Than it went better (tea/digestion of meal done?), he did some work, some cleaning and went out. He noticed some interesting places around his house that he never saw before.

But walk make him super tired again, and hungry too, like acid was making every feeling stronger. He felt spits in his mouth…

Then he decide to drink coffee and became more energetic than ever before. He started to rebuild the order of his kitchen. He cleaned lots of thinks. He decided to buy mirror and little piano.

After all, it was very emotionally exhausting day – everything was stronger than usuall. He definitivelly wanted break for few days and not MD tomorrow again. He thinks he will need to lower the dose, but maybe will try even higher to really see if it was not placebo.

He slept well and have happy, productive next day, with good training in the gym. He missed the caffeine window in the afternoon (than it was too late to dose coffee) and did good job anyway.

His very sensitive girlfriend said that he is little bit different and even smell little bit different (but still good) on the second day.

What you think? Does this look like regular MD experience? Does he have right stuff or it was just placebo?

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