100pcs One Time (00#) Capsule Holder for Size 00 Capsules (Free Use Instructions)



  • 👉EASY & SIMPLE TO USE: Giving you the power to create your very own 00 capsules from the comfort of your own home, this bespoke capsule maker will save both time and money. Allowing you to buy herb, vitamin and supplement powders in bulk for a more cost-effective price, this holder can create 100 custom capsules 5-10 minutes
  • 👉DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS: Unlike many other capsule plates, this MILIMOLI capsule holder comes equipped with fully-detailed instructions guaranteed to make the entire process easy and hassle-free. Giving you clear pictures and information on how to utilize your fillable capsules and have a detailed video tutorial to get you up and running quickly (See QA)
  • 👉Easy to USE: Due to the compact size, shape and lightweight nature of this capsule tray, you’re able to create your very own capsules anywhere. Ideal to be taken on-the-go and on-the-go and easy to use, the versatile nature of this 00 capsule holder is guaranteed to impress any herbalist or regular supplement taker.
  • 👉PREMIUM QUALITY:Capsule holder made of grass green environmental-level ABS safe to your health,with 100 pressed holes, this capsule holder has been made using expert craftsmanship. Robust and designed to stand the test of time, all your empty vegetarian capsules and 00 gelatin capsules will be filled with utmost precision every time.
  • 👉Worry-free Purchase: Whilst we’re certain you’ll love the MILIMOLI capsule maker, if you’re not completely satisfied let us know within 30 days to receive a full refund – no strings attached.All the set is FDA approval and BPA-free.

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