Microdosing Psychedelics: A Practical Guide to Upgrade Your Life Paperback – June 27, 2018



Microdosing Psychedelics: A Practical Guide to Upgrade Your Life by Paul Austin is a comprehensive guide to all the necessary information on the practice of microdosing – including protocols, benefits, drawbacks, and sourcing. Weaving together anecdotal narratives and preliminary research on the use of small amounts of psychedelics, Microdosing Psychedelics is oriented toward anyone interested in microdosing to improve their general well-being, particularly those in leadership and creative positions. Over the last few years, microdosing has entered the cultural zeitgeist. From bio-hackers in Silicon Valley seeking to improve their focus, to writers and artists looking for a creative edge, to suburban moms struggling with depression, to everyday people who want to achieve emotional balance, microdosing has led the way in mainstreaming and normalizing psychedelics. In the most comprehensive book of its kind, author, public speaker, and microdosing expert Paul Austin provides a thorough overview of how just about anyone can benefit from an intentional, structured microdosing protocol. In Microdosing Psychedelics, Austin provides readers with everything they need to know about microdosing, including: • What exactly is microdosing and how did it become a “thing?” • How to set up a weekly schedule if you want to experiment with microdosing • Three ways microdosing can benefit your professional career • The safest and easiest ways to obtain psychedelics if you wish to experiment with microdosing

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