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What is microdosing?

What exactly is microdosing?

Microdosing has become a popular trend among the artists and entrepreneurs of the world. In fact, majority of the people who are interested in bettering themselves often delve into the wonderful world of microdosing. This will involve taking extremely small doses of any substance, often psychedelic drugs, to achieve the subtle benefits resulting from its effect on the mind and body. You will often read about people microdosing magic mushrooms, microdosing LSD and even microdosing cannabis! However microdosing isn’t just limited to those substances.

Why microdose?

The main objective of microdosing LSD, mushrooms and other psychoactive drugs is to consume small amounts, with the aim of improving productivity, focus, creativity and awareness without hindering their day to day life. In other words, they will be able to experience a variety of positive effects with microdosing, without any negative consequences.

Psychedelics are extremely powerful. The risk of adverse side-effects or reactions from psychedelic drugs are directly correlated with the dosage amount – the higher the dose, the less control you have and the more likely the experience can be negative. Depending on the substance, too high of a dose can actually lead to death or permanent mental health disorders. This is one of the most prominent reasons why people microdosing. It provides the beneficial healing properties of these spiritual compounds, while lowering the risk and allowing the explorer to maintain a regular regimen.

Consuming psychedelics in large amounts is also considered impractical as a full-blown psychedelic trip can last several hours, not to mention the physical and mental preparation one should undertake prior to tripping. This is another reason people might choose to try microdosing.

What are the effects of microdosing?

Now that you’re familiar with why someone would choose to microdose, it’s time to talk about the expected effects and reported benefits.

Most of the people will report that microdosing has the ability to provide an excellent boost to their creativity, giving them the ability to think out of the box and approach situations with a completely different perspective. This particular effect is considered to be the most appealing reason for microdosing psychedelic drugs, especially for artists, musicians or any problem-solver that requires a different cognitive thought process.

There are also many therapeutic benefits for mental health associated with microdosing. You will very often see microdosing mushrooms and microdosing LSD labelled as an off-the-shelf, unofficial treatment for mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, eating disorders and PTSD. Those who microdose for depression find advantage in the way the micro-dose of a substance changes their negative thought patterns and introduces them to a new way of viewing the world – all without the rotten side-effects of many antidepressant pharmaceuticals.  Those who microdose for anxiety seem to have mixed results; a large majority who experience a softening of anxious behavior and ability to enjoy social situations. Although, in the past, anxiety and psychedelics have often been kept separate due to the potential for a ‘trip’ experience to cause the user to feel anxious and out-of-control of the situation.

There are literally unlimited benefits that can be experienced with microdosing for enhanced quality of life. The important thing to remember is, the experience felt from a micro dose of a substance can be very subjective as each individual will perceive and maneuver the ride in a different way. One thing is for certain though, this is a very promising topic for cognitive development and health benefits that human beings simply cannot ignore!

How do you microdose?

The exact process for microdosing differs depending on the substance. On the dosingmicro.xyz website, you will find a number of step-by-step guides as well as detailed information about the substance that will explain exactly how to approach the situation.

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The general process for microdosing involves calculating the dosage amount for the substance that is considered a sub-threshold dose – meaning the common psychoactive effects of the drugs are not noticeable. There are many ways to calculate the dosages, and again is dependent on the substance used and also the body-composition of the person consuming it. Check out our microdosing guides for more information!

Common dosage ranges for the three most common drugs are:

Is microdosing safe?

Now on to the important question! What are the safety concerns and health risks linked to microdosing? This is a complicated question to answer, as you can imagine. Microdosing is a very well-planned, precisely calculated activity that the user must be well-educated on prior to taking any action.

The answer to this question also depends largely on the substance being microdosed. For example, microdosing LSD at the correct dosage and in the right environment is considered to be extremely safe for most people. This is due to the confident safety profile of this compound. It is considered to be basically impossible to overdose on LSD and there are no dangerous physical effects associated with its use. The potential risks for LSD microdosing might be accidentally dosing too high, and jumping behind the wheel of a car to drive somewhere when all of a sudden you are thrust into an unexpected psychedelic trip. Of course, in that situation, you would feel the rising effects of the drug and most likely have time to pull over and calm yourself down – after all, you knowingly ingested a substance and must always be prepared for what may come. That is just one possible example, I am sure you can think of many other ways a micro-dose of some of these powerful substances may take an unexpected turn on you.

That being said, if all is done correctly and the dose is carefully measured out, the substance is reagent tested for identification and quality and the “set and setting” is appropriate, you should feel confident that your careful preparation has set you up for success.

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