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Microdosing cannabis question

This is the long story, TL;DR with a followup question at the bottom. Although I do think a good amount of the following information could be relevant

So, I used to smoke weed like all day every day from the summer before starting highschool, until about 1.5 years into college. I could smoke a ton, high thc weed too, but somewhere down the line when I started doing concentrates in higher doses (I think this was the cause), I started getting anxiety effects that eventually went on to cause panic attack kinda symptoms. Once it began, i noticed these effects would occur with all different forms of thc (flower, concentrate, edibles, topical, etc.), even at low doses too :(. At that point I quit pretty much cold turkey.

Its been about 2.5-3 years or something now, and I went to Korean BBQ yesterday with some friends who smoke weed. I was pretty drunk and they were smoking some weed so I took a pretty big rip out of a bubbler. I was high as fuck for probably like 2-3 hours, and felt kinda weird all night tbh. But this time for whatever reason it was actually kinda fun, no really weird symptoms besides the duration and come down. The only time I felt weird was when it was lasting forever and I got nervous for a minute, but then just told myself to chill out because nothing was wrong for the past couple hours. The whole experience was quite intense for just 1 solid hit though, but luckily I took it well.

Ive heard of some tips like sniffing some black pepper if you get anxiety, or other crap like that, but never tried it in case it didnt work. But a couple months ago I saw a thread somewhere of a guy who had a similar story to me. He said that the problem in his case was he developed some kinda dose sensitivity. He could do a 10mg edible or something like that and he’d get desirable outcomes, but pretty much any more and he’d get issues.

My recent experience made me think of that story and since I had a pretty good time I figured maybe I should look into microdosing? It’d be awesome if this worked because right now my main drug is alcohol but its really shitty for that to be your main thing IMO. If I could go back to THC Id be happy. I also looked into CBD when a friend got this free CBD cream from a purchase, since I have neck/back pain a lot of days, but even that made me feel kinda weird (although I did use a ton of it at once lol, maybe the leftover thc in it was the problem?).

TL;DR, weed gives me really bad anxiety, should I microdose and see what happens?

If I do microdose, Im thinking of doing really weak edibes, like those little jolly rancher kinda ones that usually only have 10mg or so each. Does that sound appropriate? Or what do you guys think is best? Ive heard that some edibles have problems with being mixed properly, leading to differences in the amount of THC in each one sometimes… but IDK what I could do to get a lower dose considering 1 good hit of flower from a pipe or bong already gets me too high.

Thanks a ton for any help, if this works it’d be awesome to do this instead of drinking.

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Has anyone tried Paul Stamets’ NPLS protocol?

Like the title says I’m curious if anyone has experimented with Paul Stamets NPLS microdosing protocol. This is a microdosing stack that consists of Psilocybin, Lions Mane, and Niacin. He seems quite enthusiastic about this stack, and seeing as how I respect him and his opinion greatly, I’d like to see what the excitement is about. If any of you have tried it, I’d love to hear about your results and how you dosed each component of the stack. Cheers!

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