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Please don’t spread opinion as fact

A lot of people come on here for thoughts from people who are experienced. If you haven’t tried what is being asked about, please don’t jump onto the post sounding like you do. Especially if what you’re saying is scaring the person away from something you have no idea about.

Context: Someone asked about MDing Shrooms and LSD at the same time, and someone jumped on saying they definitely should not combine 2 beneficial substances because it could cause permanent neuro damage. 🤦‍♂️😑

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How many of you guys and gals microdose while on ADHD meds? (amphetamine/methylphenidate)

Turns out MD can not substitute amphetamine for me. I consider the effects of MD very beneficial, especially the lateral thinking and fresh view on everything. But regardless of microdosing benefits I feel continuously tired/bored/unmotivated. Unless I’m taking amphetamine. 2.5mg in the morning works amazingly well for me. I assume it is safe to microdose while on a small dose of ADHD medicine, but would like to hear other people experience.

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Yep. This is a positive experience.

So I’ve been microdosing for a few weeks now and I’ve enjoyed the small boost in productivity and motivation to just take care of all those little things I’ve been putting off for ages.

But today I’ve had a great experience. It’s my nephew’s 6th birthday party. Not something I particularly look forward to, in part because I have still been unable to provide my wife with a kid and being surrounded by them (including her twin sister’s toddler) can be hard.

Today has been different. For some mysterious reason all the kids have really gravitated towards me and I’ve been joking, laughing and playing with them all day, where usually I find I’m a bit awkward and kids generally are pretty aloof around me.

So feeling a bit of a glow I went and had a jump on the trampoline and at the age of 40, having not attempted one in about 20 years i pulled 3 back flips in a row straight away.

I feel really alive and capable of anything. Even the chickens seem to be approaching me with curiosity where usually they keep their distance.

Probably only going to continue this round for another few weeks but definitely won’t be my last time. What a great experience.

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How to find psychedelic therapists, retreat centers, and clinical research trials

Looking for therapy options? Try these:

Find a practitioner with psychedelic experience

Find clinical research trials

Clinical research trials on psychedelic drugs as treatment for various conditions are available in some regions. The following resources are recommended for learning about clinical trials in North America:

Find psychedelic groups, clubs, and meetups

This article is a part of https://www.psychedelic.training, a freely-licensed collection of materials covering psychedelic harm reduction and complementary therapies. If you have any suggestions or corrections to the above, please reply and start a conversation, or enquire in our chat: https://discord.gg/V7QcvFR. This article is a Free Cultural Work available for reproduction and adaptation under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/

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I tried microdosing for the first time today. I’d like some opinions/tips!

I tripped for the first time about a week or two ago. I took a (supposedly 150 microgram) tab and had an intense trip. Ever since then I’ve been wanting to try microdosing, and this morning I cut off roughly a tenth or eighth of a 150 microgram tab.

It was quite odd, and I felt intensely awake. I smoked cannabis about three hours into it. Anytime I looked into a mirror it was as if I was transported in a mirror world, crazy/cool stuff.

What surprises me is I had an indica bud yet after smoking it I didn’t get the usual tiredness I get after coming down from a high (which is usually increased by tenfold with an indica to me). With the microdose its kept me pretty awake.

I also noticed my mind being a lot more active in general. In the beginning of the trip, however, I kept feeling the need to just close my eyes and just focus on my mind. Its hard to explain, but its like my head was exerting some force and closing my eyes and focusing on it was relaxing.

Anyways, any opinions or tips for further microdosing? I’ve heard about dissolving the tab in a specific amount of water, but my only issue there is storing it. Would evaporation not be an issue?

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