The choice of drug to micro-dose on for studying

Last Friday I tried LSD with a friend and I loved it. I took a fairly medium-tier dose, around 90-100uq (seller said it was 120uq but I doubt it, trip peak lasted for around 3-5 hours, after effects for around 2-3 hrs), and I got all these philosophical and deep thoughts in my head and I was simultaneously inventing new things in my head, but also thinking about my problems and solving them. I constantly had something smart to say. I think I may have, at least temporarily, solved my anxiety and my constant worrying.

My question is, should I micro-dose on LSD for studying, especially for studying math (algebra) and physics, as my exams are in 2 weeks? I have plenty of time to study, and I have a basic understanding of what I need to learn, but I want to learn the subjects thoroughly, and solve advanced calculations so that I can get good ratings.

I also read about micro-dosing amphetamine, and I’m aware of the dangers of *micro-dosing* it. I’ve tried amphetamine before, and I liked it. It’s easier to get and cheaper than LSD (a gram is around 35€ and it’ll last me the whole week probably, one LSD blotter is 20€, and if I split the paper to microdose it, the stuff will only last for maybe a few days), but I don’t know about studying on it. Problem is it’s hard to find good, and very pure speed on the streets here.

What drug do you guys think is the most effective for micro-dosing to study on?

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